Uncommon Lets You Design Your Own iPad or iPhone Case

uncommonUncommon is one of those accessory companies that get that us girls (and boys) like choices. Not only do they have a large selection of artwork that you can use to customize your very own iPhone or iPod touch case (coming soon) with, they’ll also let you use your own artwork or photos to customize your polycarbonate case with. Using their online system, you can position, scale and rotate the image right on the screen. And they even have an app that will let you do all of this right from your phone. iPad owners will be happy to there that an iPad Capsule case is on the way soon. It’s made of a two-piece polycarbonate construction that provides impact and scratch resistance. And for those of you using the Blackberry Storm II, a Trooper Shell is also coming soon. Meanwhile pricing for iPhone case begins at $39.95. Oh, and if this concept seems familiar, check out I Make My Case from Case-Mate.


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