Thanko Mailbox Sentry Alerts You of Incoming Snail Mail

thanko-mailbox-sentry-2There are a plenty of good reasons for as to why snail mail is dying, and one of them happens to be that you can’t get alerts that when you receive new mail, the way you do with email. But the Thanko Mailbox Sentry is about to change all of that. This device, which is known as the Posto no Mihariban in Japan, comes with an antenna and transmitter that you’re supposed to set up inside of the lid on your post box. This way, as soon as the postman puts paper mail inside, a signal will be sent to the receiver notifying you of new mail. The sentry’s receiver will work unto 100 meters away, so make sure that you aren’t too far away from your mailbox to receive alerts. The Thanko Mailbox Sentry retails for $91 at Japan Trend Shop. But checking the mail just once, without having to go back and check again? Priceless.

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