Doctor Who Red Dalek is Ready to Patrol Your Desk and Exterminate!

red-dalekOnly a few weeks ago we mentioned that a recent episode of Doctor Who showed off the Daleks in their spiffy new colors. We laughed it off as perhaps some kind of inside joke, but it looks like these new color Daleks are final. We just spotted a new robot Dalek desk accessory that looks just like the red Dalek of that episode. The red Dalek patrols your desktop never falling off or bumping into anything when on a flat surface. If it detects an edge or danger of falling off, it will turn and continue its patrolling. At each turn the Dalek will exclaim “Exterminate!”  If you don’t want it to speak while it roams your desk, you can always shut the sound off. The Doctor Who Red Desktop Patrol Dalek retails for $35.99.

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