iMainGo 2 Portable iPhone/iPod/MP3 Player Speaker Review

screenshot_06“Everyone! Shhhhhh I’m trying to play a song from my iPhone…” Luckily I’m no longer that guy at social gatherings. Our super smartphones can store all of our music no problem, but let’s be real, they just don’t have the oomph to loudly and clearly play our music at a small party, or at the beach, or to a car full of people. iMainGo 2 is a portable speaker that will house almost any portable mp3 player or cell phone. It provides huge sound and easy-access protection to your music player.

In the box you get the iMainGo 2 Handheld Speaker Case, 4 AAA batteries, a removable carry strap, and a one year limited warranty. The iMainGo 2 has the auxiliary cable built in, so all you need before you can start jamming away is your music player.

Included: iMainGo 2 Handheld Speaker Case, 4 AAA batteries, removable carry strap, and a one year limited warrantee. The iMainGo 2 has the auxilary cable built in, so all you need before you can start jamming away is your music player.

Set Up:
First things first, unzip iMainGo, pop open the battery cover, and insert the 4 AAA batteries (included). Now all that’s left to do is plug in the audio cable to the headphone jack, insert your music player face down so the screen is resting against the clear plastic, strap her in, and turn it on! There is a thick piece of foam resting between your music player and the strap which secures it. This keeps your music player safe but also makes iMainGo accomodating for devices of various thicknesses and sizes. When you turn iMainGo into its “ON” state a bright green LED will glow. There is also an “Alarm” mode (for iPods only), which will turn the speakers on when your alarm goes off. Zip iMainGo back up and start cranking tunes.

iMainGo 2 has a clamshell design. The clamshell can be completely sealed shut with its zipper. When closed, the actual speaker is on one side and the mp3 player is on the other side. iMainGo 2 can stand up on its own, but it’s easier placing it mp3 player down on the surface because of the protective plastic. The water resistant exterior is made of a neoprene fabric. The speakers are made of titanium. The case only weighs 9 oz. The aux cable (non-removable), which connects to any standard 3.5mm headphone jack, is located on the inside of the case and is only a few inches long. The clamshell design makes iMainGo super portable. There’s no need to plug anything into the wall (great for camping). There are is no dedicated volume button; volume must be adjusted on the mp3 player.

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You can really crank up the tunes using iMainGo 2. It’s not ideal for a large party, but for a small social gathering with 10-12 people it should be perfect. Audio quality is certainly not audiophile-grade, but for the size of the speaker it’s got some great bang for the buck. The bass is full and the highs and mids are pretty clear even at relatively high volume. The 4 AAA batteries lasted me days. iMainGo says up to 30 hours. While the case is made of a water resistant material, there is no telling how the speakers would react to water. Also, the clear plastic that protects your mp3 player from scratches, is stitched on to iMainGo 2, making it vulnerable to water penetration. iMainGo and its speakers are durable enough to withstand drops and bumps. Your mp3 player will be protected from falls, bumps, and shock as long as nothing hits it corner-first. So you would not want to drop iMainGo on jagged rocks–ouch!

Using iMainGo 2 is kind of like glueing a big speaker to the back of your mp3 player and covering it in an attractive protective casing. It’s great that iMainGo 2 doesn’t dangle off of your mp3 player with a wire. It’s also great how far it can go with just a few AAA batteries. It provides a like-custom fit for all iPods(except shuffle), iPhone, and Zune. It will also work no problem for a variety of phones. Volume must be controlled from the mp3 player, which is no problem for iPods or Zunes (although this can be somewhat cumbersome for a quick volume adjustment). The only other issue I had with iMainGo 2 is that the amount of time it took to remove my iPhone from the case is just enough time to miss the phonecall I would not have been able to answer. Other than that, for just $39.99 from Amazon, it’s an amazing product. If you’re looking for a portable speaker for one of the supported devices, iMainGo 2 should be strongly considered.

The Good: Great Price, Booming Sound, Support for variety of MP3-player and Phones
The Bad: Aux cable is short/nonremovable, no dedicated volume, inserting and removing mp3-player is a bit of a process.

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