Hide Your iPhone 4 in a Case Disguised as Mail


So you are going to wait on line this week at the Apple store to get your new iPhone 4, and the first ones who are going to want to play with it, will be your co-workers. They’re just waiting to get their dirty sticky hands all over it. Well there is a solution! Instead of them waiting to grab it as you walk away from your desk. Stick it in this Undercover Stealth Cell Phone Case disguised as a padded mail envelope. The envelope is tough, rip proof, water proof and a writable material. The velcro straps make the mini sleeve’s size adjustable and the interior is lined with plush diamond stitched red satin. The exterior even has metered mail patterns and a label. Now just don’t mail it away by accident. The Undercover Stealth Cell Phone Case retails for $12.99

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