Hands-on with Novero Victoria Collection’s $100K+ Bluetooth Jewelry

IMG_0084When it comes to designing Bluetooth “headsets,” most companies work on the function first, and form follows afterwords. In the case of Novero, they do things just the opposite. They work on the design and fashion of their Bluetooth pieces first, and they worry about fitting in the technology afterwords. Unlike other electronics companies that throw on colors, designs, or crystals on to a Bluetooth earpiece, these Bluetooth accessories are truly designed from the ground up to be jewelry.

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Believe it or not, Novero roots stem from the wireless accessory division at  Nokia. Two years ago, the head of the division approached Nokia and requested to buy and severe the division off from the company in order to create Novero. Two years later the company is employing over 400 employees worldwide and reeling in in over 150 million dollars in profits, mostly from providing Bluetooth solutions for luxury clients like Bentley, Jaguar, Land Rover and Mercedes-Benz. But the company doesn’t just employ engineers for making their Bluetooth accessories, they also employ people from the jewelry and fashion industry, including gold craftsman. That is why their new Victoria collection first and foremost looks like jewelry, and not technology. The pieces hardly resemble a Bluetooth headset at all, until you notice that a piece of the necklace can be discretely attached and placed in one ear when in use. Even the LED battery indicator is hidden on the backside of the product so that no on ever be the wiser that you’re a spy – or that you’re just a really big gadget fashionista.Victoria - Lifestyle 2

The new Victoria collection includes several contemporary Bluetooth jewelry pieces Like the Victoria Lapis, Victoria Pearl, Victoria Stripes, Victoria Wave, and Victor which will each retail for around $250 to $350 when they go on sale in the fall. And for those with real money to burn, they’ll also be offering the Premier Edition handmade pearl necklaces with several variations of pearls, diamond and gold. These necklaces will cost 6 figures at $100K plus.

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Victoria Lapis

Lapis lazuli is a breath taking stone, prized since time began for its intense shade of blue, and dusted with distinct, golden flecks of pyrite. The lapis is a stone set in history, hand polished to the highest degree, and framed in beautiful, brushed silver.

Designed to sit low and long around the neck, its contemporary design, culminates in a six thousand year old journey from precious blue, to precious Bluetooth.

Victoria Pearl

A pearl on its own may just be a pearl, but in the hands of novero’s craftsmen, they are enchanting, enthralling, and timeless objects.

Re-crafting this classic accessory for the 21st century, the “matinee length,” necklace is hand made beautifully in gold, and polished to the highest standards.

Victoria Stripes

Stripes is molded from contemporary, black silicone, but hatched with bright shafts of traditional, brushed gold. Stripes is the embodiment of the spirit of Victoria; the drama, the elegance, the love of beauty, the thrill of innovation – all side by side.

The piece wraps close to the nape of the neck, like a conventional choker, yet plunges past the neckline to a round, polished pendant.

Victoria Wave

Wave speaks a modern, minimalist language of its own. It is the complex, encased in simplicity.

The elegant choker’s centerpiece is a stunning yin-yang white and blue pendant – the irony of the piece’s two sides living in one beautiful object – in perfect harmony.


Hand-crafted in highly polished, piano-black cubes and finished with a brushed, silver plated cap, Victor allows for every call to be made in style.

Victor is designed as a discrete pendant, which arcs around the neck, and clips to the shirt or jacket, so it’s always fashionably there.

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