Museum of Natural History Explorer App Turns Your iPhone into a Tour Guide

explorer_iphoneHave you ever gotten lost in the American Museum of Natural History? I know I have. And it gets scary when you have large taxidermy animals glaring at you – judging you through glass! Well the museum has just launched an app called the American Museum of Natural History Explorer. The app functions as an “indoor GPS” and wayfinding device by utilizing a WiFi connection within the Museum, it pinpoints your location and offers turn-by-turn directions to halls, restrooms, gift shops, information about exhibits and more. It also features customizable tours, a fossil treasure hunt, and links for posting to Facebook and Twitter.

It works with the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. In addition, it provides additional info on more than 140 specimens and objects on display. Cisco has provided about 300 wireless access points throughout the Museum turning it into a WiFi hotspot that enables this App to work. At this rate, those old fashioned audio tours are about to go the way of the betamax.


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