Hipstamatic iPhone App Brings O.A.R.’s Life on the Road to Life

oar9Twitpics, Facebook tags, and Flickr galleries have become a real-time record of our lives and memories. Sharing life experiences in real-time by snapping photos from 3 megapixel cell phone cameras and posting them on Facebook or Twitter has practically replaced the photography that used to exist, in a world where developing film and being reminded of past adventures was commonplace. Someone who has not forgotten the photo traditions of this past, but has also incorporated the instant photo traditions of the present, is Benj Gershman, the bassist turned photographer of the ubiquitous college band, O.A.R. (Of a Revolution).

While on tour with O.A.R., Gershman made it his mission to capture his adventures on film — whether it was on his iPhone, digital camera, or his professional 35mm manual SLR camera. Experimenting with multiple mediums (everything from 35mm, to Polaroid, to Medium Format Film and Polaroid Transfer), Gershman displayed his photos last night at the Morrison Hotel Gallery, previously the site of the iconic CBGB rock club in New York City. Gershman’s collection embodies the spirit of the band’s tour and life on the road through its varied medium forms – some of the photos captured fleeting moments caught on his iPhone using the app Hipstamatic iPhone app where other photographs were more thought out and calculated. Pictures of open fields and a rusted car, represented slower moments on the tour and were captured with his 35mm, whereas the photos snapped on his iPhone embodied fast paced moments right before taking the stage or a passing moment of the tour.


Overall, the collection gave fans a sneak peak into life on the road and Gershman was described by gallery owner Peter Blachley to have “a very unique viewpoint to his photography as the bass player for O.A.R. His technical skill in digital photography combined with his access to the events surrounding him make this show a must see for fans and collectors alike.”
All images are available for purchase and a portion of the proceeds will go to O.A.R’s Heard The World Fund, which supports youth education and sustainable programs in the United States and abroad.



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