Nathan Sawaya, the Brick Artist Tags NYC with LEGO Graffiti Called Hugman

I’m a huge fan of Nathan Sawaya aka the Brick Artist. He has been creating the most unique pieces of LEGO art for years now. So what do you do that is different as a follow up? Well you leave LEGO sculptures around various cities of course. The Brick Artist decided to create Hugman. It was designed based upon the fact that the LEGO artist wanted to create some type of graffiti but of course could only use the famous plastic blocks. I’m not sure how I missed this, as I walk around NYC all the time. But somehow I missed this ‘Hugman’ giving hugs to random bike racks, door handles, park fences, gates, etc… Sawaya even geotagged each of his statues on Google Maps so that people could see where they were before most of them walked off after a day or two. Hey, it’s NYC and we love LEGO shaped men too… especially if it’s free. Hugman has gone on the road and he may pop up in your city hugging something random too!


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