PixelSleeve for 15″ Notebooks Review

The PixelSleeve from Speck beautiful purple textured neoprene is made of a stretchy material that holds a 15″ inch laptop quite snugly. The interior is a fuzzy light purple micro fleece material with a small amount of padding. It won’t protect against a nasty fall but it will definitely cushion the joshing around of a back pack, or suitcase.

The sleeve also sports a fold over flap that is effective in preventing it from popping out when unzipped. You have to actually unfold the flap and pull out the laptop, which is reassuring.  The carrying handle on the top makes for easy transport, and cozy too fuzzy material on the inside of the handle, a thoughtful and playful touch. In addition to this, it works as a nice deflector for occasional spills. Water will eventually soak in if you leave it, but otherwise it just slicks off.  The PixelSleeve comes in three colors, black, purple, and pink, for 10, 13, and 15 inch laptops and netbooks too. The 10″ version retails for about $30, while the 13″ and 15″ are about $35.

The Good: Moderately waterproof, secure fit, fun color choices
The Bad: Minimal padding

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