Colette Debuts Dennis Chan’s Roobot Qeelin Collection of Vintage Toy Pendants

Colette; always the trendsetter, is showing off a robot theme in their display windows this week. These robots are part of a bigger collection called Roobots which are designer pendants by Dennis Chan who was inspired by his vintage collection of toys. However these pendants do not have toy-like prices, nor are they made of plastic. The QEELIN for example features gold, sapphires, and diamonds. It’s chest even opens up to reveal gears insides – that’s how much detail these pendants contain. The QEELIN also retails for a whopping $73,591! However if that is too pricey for your budget, there are others that range from 8170€ to 53200€ (USD$18,702 to USD$39,105). These two pieces feature some of the same gems but are much smaller and lack the intense detail of the more expensive QEELIN. So yes, these must be some impressive vintage toys that Chan has…

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