Gresso Luxor World Time Phone Features Six World Clocks

Gresso is at it again with their unique and limited edition cellphones – their latest is the  Luxor World Time phone designed for those businessmen and women always on the go. The unique feature of new Gresso phone is that it has six independent Swiss clockwork mechanisms on its backside, with a power reserve of 10 years. The back panel includes five main world business centers: Tokyo, Moscow, Paris, London and New York each one depicting the time. The sixth time can be set by you and can be your home time or maybe someplace else in the world you may be traveling too.The case thickness is 2 mm, there are two 97-carat sapphire crystals with high-gloss coating, the phone keyboard is made of sapphire crystals, and it’s all encased in an ultrastrong titanium alloy specially developed for Gresso. As for the back panel, it consists of Italian leather. The Luxor World Time Phone will cost $6000. Maybe downloading a world time clock would be cheaper…

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