80’s Style iPod/iPhone Boombox is a Digital Mix Maker

Not to be confused with the Lasonic version of the retro boombox, Innovative Technology is actually behind this latest version of mixing retro design with modern technology. This super cool boombox is only available at KOHL’s and supports your iPhone, iPod or just about any other MP3 player via the AUX jacks. Just eject the ‘cassette’ like deck and insert your iPhone or iPod for instant docking. There is also a SD Card slot and USB port on the device so you can record live music from the built-in FM radio as MP3’s. This 80’s inspired boombox retails for $129.99 – break-dancing skills not required.

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  1. I read in several places that this thing has a great sound. I just bought it and I beg to differ. First off, the lack of any control over bass and treble is a serious omission. Next : the tweeters are not real, they are “stylish ornaments”. There are only two 10W 4 ohms speakers inside, and they are driven by an amp that puts out maybe 3 or 4W per channel. In other words, it’s a bit better than most computer speakers, but it still sounds like speakers in a flimsy plastic box.

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