iPod Touch Grows a Set of MiniBallz

Well it looks like the iPod Touch is going to grow a pair of  ballz – I mean, MiniBallz that is. If you are out of the loop – iBallz is a one of the stranger accessories for your gadgets that is comprised of balls that are put on all four corners of your gizmo -they’re used to protect the edges in case of a fall, bump, or smack. Recently, iBallz got a lot of attention for their contraption for the iPad. Now there will be pair of MiniBallz making their way to market soon and it will fit your iPod Touch, Nook, the newest Kindle and more. However until that comes out – iBallz just released a slew of new iBallz cases that will keep your iPad comfy and at the same time protect it from the elements. The Satchel, Lid, Hard Case, and Soft Sleeve are all available now and yes, they all included some ballz…

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