There Will Be No New Gap Logo Thanks to Social Media Outcry

When Gap recently decided to design a new logo for their brand, the reaction from people via social media channels was overwhelming. So much so that Gap decided to abandon the new logo altogether, and stick with their current 20+ year old logo. And in case you haven’t seen the logo that they were thinking of using – check it out in the image above! No wonder the blogosphere cried out to bring back the original. As much as the original was crying for a refresh, this new logo is really quite dull for a pretty dynamic company, that has managed to stay current all of these years. But we’re not going to blame Laird & Partners in New York, the design firm who created the logo. After all, it could just be that people in general don’t like change, and that is why there was such a passionate outcry against a new logo altogether. All in all, we give big kudos to GAP for listening to their consumer base on the subject.

Hot on the heels of New Gap Logo, security vendor Symantec has revealed a new logo for their company, and they certainly picked an opportune day to announce their new branding image. However, we’re pretty sure that Symantec’s new logo won’t create any backlash, even from nerdy software enthusiasts like ourselves.

Finally, while we’re on the subject of logo revamps, check out this this great list of recent corporate logo revamps. Some of the logo revamps in the list seem natural, while for others, we cant help but think that they should have stuck with their old logo – case in point – the Pepsi logo. But then, how many design companies would be out of business if that was always the case?


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  1. don’t change if ain’t broken , and yes, people are not used to change , better to keep the old one , is just not worth it to lose customers for

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