Boxee Box Launches with Netflix and Hulu Plus in Tow

Some have been counting down the days to this extraordinary event, the shipping date of the much anticipated Boxee Box. But many may not have any idea what that is. “Boxee is the first ‘social’ media center whose free ‘open source’, downloadable software is changing the way consumers experience media.” Boxee is questionably the best media center and internet TV application for Mac, Windows and Linux; and it’s completely free! Boxee partnered together with DLink to produce a very unique-looking, but extremely capable, media center set top box for your TV. And it finally ships today!

The Boxee software made its debut a couple of years ago. It was built on top of XBMC media center, a fantastic media center that plays any file format and pulls all of your media information from the web in an elegant and customizable package. XBMC has a pretty large cult following among media and computer buffs for its ability to intelligently and beautifully manage your media library. Boxee took this awesome media center and added an endless library of online content, a social integration, and a very clean user interface. Using Boxee you can watch almost all of the online content you would regularly watch on your web browser. They have channels, or “apps”, for YouTube, Vimeo, Netflix, MLB.TV, Comedy Central, Revision3, TED, College Humor, Pandora, Flickr, Facebook, Vevo, Vice, Vudu, and the list goes on.

The Boxee Box costs just $199, and it comes with one of the nicest media center remote controls we’ve ever seen. Boxee Box, of course, runs the Boxee software which is complete with a fully capable webkit browser. It’s all you need to welcome your HDTV to the Internet.

Let’s go over the final specs: 1080p video output via HDMI-out, built in 802.11n wireless, Ethernet, optical digital and analog audio out, two USB ports, a SD card reader, all powered by an Intel processor, and a two-sided RF QWERTY remote control. The setup for Boxee Box is simple, it even comes with an HDMI cable. For $200, if your TV is missing the Internet, this is a must-buy!

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