Lawyers Prefer Macs Over PCs According to New Survey

Well it looks like Apple computers are slowly creeping into more work places that are not necessarily design driven. According to a new survey by Clio, more and more Law Firms are adopting Apple products in their offices, that includes Macs , iPhones, iPads etc… The survey results were based upon 835 people who participated. Lawyers ranged from practicing lawyers to law students.

Some interesting results from the survey:

Why Are You Using Macs (not PCs)?

• 46% of respondents indicated that their decision to use Macs instead of PCs was because Apple technology is more reliable and secure; 32% of respondents indicated their decision was motivated by Mac’s usability.
iPads in Law Offices
• 26% of respondents currently use iPads in their law office
• 42% of respondents that currently do not use iPads in their law office are considering purchasing an iPad in the next year

iPhones in Law Offices
• 50.3% of respondents currently use iPhones as their primary device. 27.3% use BlackBerrys; 9.8% use Android-based devices; 2.3% use Palm devices
• 27% of respondents plan on switching their primary mobile device in the next year,
• Of those planning to switch devices, 65% plan on switching to an iPhone; 21% plan on switching to an Android device; only 7% plan on switching to BlackBerry

Switching to Macs within Next Year
• 19% of respondents that are currently PC users indicated they are considering switching to Macs in the next year
Cloud-based Apps used by Mac Law Firms
• The most widely-used cloud-based application was Google Apps, with over 30% of respondents indicating they use Google’s web-based productivity suite
• The next most widely-used cloud-based app was Clio, at 9.7% usage, followed by QuickBooks Online, at 7.4%

Student Respondents
• 63% of law students that responded are Mac users
• Only 10% of law students that responded are currently iPad users, but 70% of them plan on purchasing one in the next year
• 63% of law students that responded plan to use Macs for their law office’s IT needs when they graduate

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