Lawyers Prefer Macs Over PCs According to New Survey

lawyers1 Lawyers Prefer Macs Over PCs According to New Survey

Well it looks like Apple computers are slowly creeping into more work places that are not necessarily design driven. According to a new survey by Clio, more and more Law Firms are adopting Apple products in their offices, that includes Macs , iPhones, iPads etc… The survey results were based upon 835 people who participated. Lawyers ranged from practicing lawyers to law students.

Some interesting results from the survey:

Why Are You Using Macs (not PCs)?

• 46% of respondents indicated that their decision to use Macs instead of PCs was because Apple technology is more reliable and secure; 32% of respondents indicated their decision was motivated by Mac’s usability.
iPads in Law Offices
• 26% of respondents currently use iPads in their law office
• 42% of respondents that currently do not use iPads in their law office are considering purchasing an iPad in the next year

iPhones in Law Offices
• 50.3% of respondents currently use iPhones as their primary device. 27.3% use BlackBerrys; 9.8% use Android-based devices; 2.3% use Palm devices
• 27% of respondents plan on switching their primary mobile device in the next year,
• Of those planning to switch devices, 65% plan on switching to an iPhone; 21% plan on switching to an Android device; only 7% plan on switching to BlackBerry

Switching to Macs within Next Year
• 19% of respondents that are currently PC users indicated they are considering switching to Macs in the next year
Cloud-based Apps used by Mac Law Firms
• The most widely-used cloud-based application was Google Apps, with over 30% of respondents indicating they use Google’s web-based productivity suite
• The next most widely-used cloud-based app was Clio, at 9.7% usage, followed by QuickBooks Online, at 7.4%

Student Respondents
• 63% of law students that responded are Mac users
• Only 10% of law students that responded are currently iPad users, but 70% of them plan on purchasing one in the next year
• 63% of law students that responded plan to use Macs for their law office’s IT needs when they graduate