Sophia Bush Works her Brooke Davis Charm for New Facebook App eMission

What is with my obsession with One Tree Hill lately. Last week it was Bryan Greenberg. This week it’s Sophia Bush. I blame SOAPnet. However this time around, Sophia is not a brand ambassador but actually spokesperson for a worthy cause that involves a new Facebook game called eMission. The game was designed by ENERGY STAR and DoSomething.org where players advance by taking


offline to save energy and help the environment. If you want to get to the next level of the game you may have to kick up your energy saving skills a notch by being proactive and getting involved in your community.

Lastly, come December all that hardwork conserving may actually pay off. Scholarships will be awarded to people who

play the game

well and save lots of energy.  And what can we say – that


is just a mecca of interesting projects these days.

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