Stocking Stuffers for the Whole Family

Need some cheap ideas to drop some cool little tech items in everyone’s stockings this holiday season? Look no further than this list to round out a perfect gift giving campaign this year.

Funko Star Wars Darth Vader Retractable Earbuds

For the Star Wars fan in the family, check out this fun set of headphones. It’s a Darth Vader figurine, but the arms are retractable earbuds. It’s a cheap and fun thing to throw into the stocking, and is only going to cost you $19.95. So go ahead and give the gift of the dark side of the force this holiday season.

Hello Kitty Mimobots

Flash drives are small, compact and inexpensive. Now that you’ve got the perfect recipe for a great stocking stuffer, you can flesh it out a little by getting not just any flash drive, but the cutest flash drive you’ll find anywhere. These clean, designer flash drives are sure to make any Hello Kitty fan giddy with excitement during the holiday season. You can give the gift of adorable for just $34.95.


Here’s a brilliant solution to a problem pretty much everyone with a mobile device has, but for some reason never really give a second thought to. Needing to use your device while wearing gloves never goes well, and ends in some sort of awkward maneuvering of hands, gloves, earphones and device that never seems to go particularly well. AGloves has all of our backs, and your back for stocking stuffer ideas this holiday season, with a set of gloves that contain conductive silver, allowing use your mobile touchscreen devices without needing to remove your gloves. Just take your device out and text or email away, without the awkwardness. You can get a pair of hands into these for just $17.99.

Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500 Studio Series

This comfortable, lightweight and stylish mouse will be well received by anyone who sees it in their stocking. It works well on virtually any non-reflective surface (even carpet!), and has customizable buttons, with over 40 different options for each button. Batteries will be a small concern, too. It runs on only one AA battery, and is so efficient that it can easily run on that battery for as long as 8 months. Coupled with a tiny USB receiver that will cut down a clutter, this mouse is a great buy for only $29.99.

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