Case-Mate’s iPhone 4 Green Reptile Barely There Case Review

Case-Mate’s Green Reptile was made from Godzilla himself. Alright, it wasn’t really made from Godzilla, nor was it made of any other green reptile for that matter–but the texturized shell looks and feels pretty convincing.The green skin wraps all the way around the back and sides of the case and the inside is a soft tan felt. This case is part of ‘ “Barely There” collection. This barely there case is not the thinnest or lightest case out there, but it does offer some pretty good protection in a still very-slim form factor. The case protrudes a few millimeters past iPhone’s face and it comes with a screen protection kit which will help keep your iPhone free of scratches and cracks. The only actual cutout on this case is for the camera/flash. All other ports are accessible by gaps left off of the case sides. There’s a gap on the top, bottom, and upper-left side which makes all buttons and ports very accessible. This is a design choice we’re fond of–it means your cables will all fit and you don’t have to cram your finger into small cutouts to hit a button. The case is a little flexible, which makes it easy enough to get the case on and off without applying too much force.

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We love any case that has a unique look to it, because who wants their iPhone to look like everyone else’s? The Green Reptile has a great feel to it–it’s smooth, grippy, and comfortable to hold. The Green Reptile Barely There case is currently available from Case-Mate for $39.99. This is $10 more then the standard iPhone 4 case price, but they throw in the screen protection kit, which offsets the premium.

The Good: Stylish, Feels Great in hand, comes with Screen Protector, Accessible ports and buttons
The Bad: Pricier then average

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