BlackBerry HS-300 Bluetooth Headset Review

The BlackBerry HS-300 Bluetooth Headset is a wireless earpiece that takes just 15 minutes to charge. This quick charge will give you up to two hours of talk time, and twice that on a full charge. The headset is small and simple. There’s a dedicated on/off switch, and just one button that’s built into the front face of the device. Some unique features include voice prompts and automatic volume control. HS-300 is affordable and works with other bluetooth enabled cell phones, not just BlackBerrys.

What’s in the Box

– 1x HS-300 Bluetooth Headset
– 1x Micro-USB sync cable
– 1x USB Power Adapter
– 1x Ear Hooks
– 4x Ear Caps (assorted sizes)


The HS-300 is small in size compared to many other bluetooth headsets. It’s short, stub, and discreet looking. The headset is all black and has a glossy face with an engraved BlackBerry logo. The on/off switch is located on the side. The headset’s LED is located on the on/off switch and is blue or red, depending on the alert. The only button is the ‘call control button’ and it is located on the face of the HS-300 right on top of the BlackBerry logo. When you push the logo towards your ear, you will feel the click and hear a beep. There is a micro-USB charging port on the back end of HS-300. The Micro-USB cord that is included is only about one foot long.

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The BlackBerry HS-300 headset has all the common features of a bluetooth headset including: pairing with bluetooth devices, answering calls, ignoring calls, redialing numbers, and muting a call. In addition to these, the HS-300 can answer a second call, switch between calls, and join two calls. The more unique features include voice prompts/voice confirmations, automatic volume control, and rapid charging. HS-300 uses a pleasant female voice for voice prompts and confirmations. When the device is turned on you will be greeted and alerted of your connection status. Ms. BlackBerry will also alert you of call status, mute status, and low battery status. The user sets a comfortable listening volume from their phone. HS-300 uses automatic volume control to raise or lower the volume depending on the level of noise in your surroundings. HS-300’s most notable feature is its rapid charging: it takes just fifteen minutes of charging to boost the battery to two hours of talk time. A full charge yields four hours of talk time.


The voice quality of the HS-300 speaker is just pretty good. If you have a good ear for audio quality, you will likely notice that the HS-300 speaker is a tad underwhelming. Voices don’t have a natural warm sound to them, rather they sound a little more robotic. The headset gets plenty loud, it just doesn’t provide the same voice quality as the cell phone it’s paired to. Most of the time the call was clear, but there was the occasional spot of fuzziness. The callers on the other end reported I sounded loud and clear, but a little less natural sounding then usual. HS-300 turns on and syncs quickly, which is a good quality. The dedicated On/Off switch is a very refreshing difference from most other headsets where you have to press and hold a button until the headset turns on or off. I preferred to use the ear hook to attach HS-300 to my ear. It sat comfortably and securely to my ear. It wasn’t a ‘tight fit’ or ‘perfect seal’, but this wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. The voice prompts were a pleasant addition, though they’re limited and could just as easily be replaced with beeps and chimes. I was disappointed that Ms. BlackBerry did not announce the name or number of the caller.


HS-300 is a simple, basic, and easy-to-use headset. It has a petite and discreet looking form factor, it’s relatively inexpensive, and offers rapid charging. It’s pretty inexpensive, retailing for $49.99 but selling for $37.24 on Amazon. If you’re like us, and need something with more features and a higher quality mic+speaker, we recommend checking out the HS-300’s big brother, the HS-700. The BlackBerry HS-700 bluetooth headset has a more professional design, uses noise-cancellation technology, understands voice commands, and it also gives you the ability to stream audio (A2DP) from your phone including navigation prompts and audio books.

The Good: Small and Light, Rapid Charging, Voice Prompts, Dedicated On/Off button, Works with phones other then BlackBerrys, Affordably priced
The Bad: Light on Features, Underwhelming Mic/Speaker Quality, Short Charger

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