PowerMat Wireless Charging System for iPhone 4 Review

Charging your iPhone 4 is now as easy as plopping it down. PowerMat Wireless Charging System is one of the easiest and quickest ways to charge your iPhone. While using the included protective iPhone 4 case, just place iPhone onto the custom fitted mat and voila–it’s charging. It’s safe, easy to use, energy efficient, and only takes up a small foot print on your desk or charging station. The Charging System is essentially two parts: the charging mat and the protective case with built-in wireless receiver. The protective case is also compatible with all PowerMats in the PowerMat family.

What’s included

-PowerMat 1Xi Single Position Charging Mat
-Protective Receiver Case for iPhone 4
-Universal Power Supply (High Efficiency 100-240VAC)
-Micro USB to USB Cable

The charging mat is custom fitted to give your iPhone 4 the perfect bed to charge on. Unlike the other PowerMat mats you don’t have to worry about perfect alignment to get your phone charging. As long as your iPhone is facing the right direction it’s good to go. The included charging mat has some good heft to it. It also has rubber feet, so once you find the perfect location on your desk, you don’t have to worry about the mat sliding around. The included power supply plugs into the back of the mat. When your phone is properly placed onto the PowerMat there is an alert sound, and a status light turns on. There is another alert sound when iPhone is removed from the mat. PowerMat charges iPhone just as fast as the normal charger does.

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The protective iPhone case still maintains a slender figure for iPhone, which was a nice surprise considering there’s a wireless receiver built into it. It’s slightly longer then a regular protective case, but it is not that noticeable. The case’s top flips back for easy insertion and removal. iPhone slides into the case and there’s a 30 pin dock connector on the inside that iPhone plugs into. There are holes on both sides of the bottom, one for the microphone and the other for the speaker. There is a cutout on the back of the case for the camera/flash, another cutout for the volume and vibrate controls, and a large cutout on the top for the headphone, second mic, and lock button. The case is crafted from a dense black plastic. It adds four ounces to iPhone, which is not that much. It would offer some good protection, but the case just barely extends past the screen, leaving iPhone’s face largely unprotected. On the bottom of the case is a Micro-USB port. With the included Micro-USB cable you can still charge and sync your iPhone.

The PowerMat Wireless Charging System really does make charging your iPhone a breeze (not that it was ever really that difficult). The charging mat is an elegant way to reserve a specific spot on your desk for iPhone charging. You don’t need to worry about unplugging your iPhone (or in my case: ripping the plug out of the wall) because you can just pick up your iPhone and go. At $59.99 the PowerMat Wireless Charging System is more of a luxury item. The protective receiver case is $39.99 alone, so if you were buying the case as an accessory to a PowerMat Mat you own, it is probably worth the extra $20 to get another mat that you can leave at your home or office. Your purchasing decision for the PowerMat Wireless Charging System should be primarily based on whether or not you like the protective receiver case. It is not much larger then any other protective case, but it’s a bit plain looking and does not offer much screen protection.

The Good: Elegant looking, Easy to use, Protective case is sleek, compatible with other PowerMat products
The Bad: Pricey, minimal screen protection from receiver case, iPhone won’t charged if placed backwards or upside down

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  1. It’s shitty they don’t sell a seperate 1xi mat for the iPhone4 (Yet?) in order to have a 2nd or 3rd charging mat say for your bedroom nightstand or living room it essentially will cost you another 50-60$ each time (depending on where you buy) …Kinda a buzzkill considering the price is steep even for just the ONE mat/case solution. Definitely a luxury product. Bah!

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