Speck A line Netbook Bag Review

We ladies love A-lines. A-line skirts make anyone look great. It is classic. Speck has come out with a new A-line bag that is so cute, I want to buy a netbook just so I can use it more. The A-line bas has a classy look that says it’s an anything but tech bag.

The exterior material is reminiscent of wool, while the interior is a soft cloth fabric. Padding abounds in this bag. It is soft, yet firm in structure. A fold-over front flap closes with a brushed metal button and hole. The style of the button makes up for how annoying buttons actually are when you are in a hurry. The inside flap has two large pockets with plenty of space for a cell phone, make up, passport, or anything in that size range. There is a looped opening for headphones to come out of the pocket that you keep your listening device in. This pocket has another one inside it that is lined with padded microfleece, with space for two iPhone sized devices. It will keep your iPhone safe and tidy. There is also a thoughtful touch and easy to miss double pen pockets on the inside crook of the bag.
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Being that the overall design is A-line, the opening for the netbook is most narrow at the top. So 10.2 inched devices are all you can squeeze in. Netbooks, iPads, Kindles, and other eReaders will fit just fine in the mircofleece padded compartment. This gentle material will also act as a cleaning mechanism for the device. It is highly padded and will be very secure in the zippered compartment. Both in front of and behind the device pocket is more compartments. One is zippered in with the device and the other is an easy access slip in pocket. There is tons of rooms in here for papers, magazine, a slim book, or whatever you need to fit in. It is about a foot deep, and a foot wide at the bottom of the bag.

The shoulder strap is broad and comfortable to carry. This bag comes in three combos listed by exterior/interior color: brown/red, black/grey, and gray/purple. We love the brown/red combo. It has a sexy vintage feel, remaining highly fashionable without forsaking utility. We couldn’t ask for more in a tech bag. For $59.95, this is a must have. From a tween to a hot mama, every woman would look great with this bag. It is ideal for traveling, but also very useful for everyday life.

The Good: Beautiful bag, ample padding and space for devices, plenty of pockets
The Bad: The button can be a tad annoying when in a hurry.

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  1. These bags are so cool, simple and beautiful! I want to buy that bag for my daughter as a birthday gift. How much it is cost?

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