Case-Mate Unleashes Verizon iPhone 4 Cases

verizoniPhone Case Mate Unleashes Verizon iPhone 4 Cases

Well it looks like Case-Mate is one of the first ones out with new cases for the Verizon iPhone 4 following the announcement yesterday. In case you didn’t know – the volume buttons and the hold switch are placed just a tad bit differently than the current AT&T iPhone 4. So that means new cases and who doesn’t love new cases!! Case-Mate will begin carrying  nine new cases for the new Verizon iPhone 4 beginning at the end of January. The designs are bound to make the AT&T iPhone 4′s a bit jealous.

Get Your Play On:

Monsta, $24.99: A nod to the slightly strange, this case turns monsters from scary to silly.  Available in white/red, pink/purple, green/dark green and gray/white.

Waddler, $24.99: An abstract penguin hides playfully on the back of this soft case. Available in black, brown and blue.

Egg, $24.99: Extruded dots of different heights simulate the distinctive look of an egg crate and create an interesting feel in hand. Created by Nike designer, Erik Arlen, this case is available in red, white, blue and black.

Gelli, $19.99: The Gelli iPhone case brings visually dazzling patterns and flashes of color, all of which are uniquely blended for maximum pop. Available in red, clear and grey.

Vroom, $14.99: This case looks like a tire and treads new ground. The Vroom drives to keep your iPhone protected. Available in black.

iphoneverzion2 Case Mate Unleashes Verizon iPhone 4 Cases

Sexy Tough:

Pop!, $34.99: Pop! seamlessly integrates a hard case with soft handling. Available in white/grey, black/grey, purple/grey, red/grey, pink/grey, blue/grey, green/grey and grey/black color combinations.

Tough, $34.99: Tough case for the Verizon iPhone. Available in black/black, pink/black, yellow/black and green/black.

Just What’s Needed:

Barely There, $24.99: It’s thin!

Artist Collections, $34.99: The ultimate in artistic expression, choose a case that includes designs from artists such as Chuck Anderson, Deanne Cheuk, Matt Moore and Shadow Chen.

Anti Glare/Anti Fingerprint Screen Protector (2 pack), $19.99: Self-adhesive  film, these screen protectors prevent fingerprints, dirt, dust and scratches from marking up your iPhone.

4-Way Privacy Screen Protector, $19.99: The Case-mate Privacy Screen will shield your iPhone from wandering eyes and  provides multi-directional, crystal clear viewing.

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  • Scott

    How are Verizon cases different than those for AT&T? Does it have to do with the Antenna placement?

  • chipchick

    Volume buttons.

  • Chip Chick

    There isn’t all that much of a difference, except that the volume buttons and hold switch are located in a slightly different position