iPad App of the Week: Djay Transforms Your iPad into a Virtual DJ System

Algoriddim has released one of the best music apps for the iPad to date, with djay. This app turns your iPad into a virtual DJ system, complete with a realistic turntable interface, making excellent use of touch controls. You’ve got all kinds of cool mixing tools to use if you’re a seasoned vet, but if you’re just a beginner, you can have djay mix your iPod playlists seamlessly. You can record your mixes, or broadcast them using AirPlay, which is a new feature supported in iOS 4.2. There are droves of bells and whistles, like automatic beat and tempo detection, mixer and equalizer controls and Auto-Cut Scratching, which matches the rhythm of the song to your virtual record scratches automatically, that all come with this musical mixer, making the $19.99 price tag more than worth it.

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