ioSafe Rugged Portable is the Toughest Mac-Friendly USB 3.0 Drive Ever Built

Don’t let the name fool you, the new ioSafe Rugged Portable USB 3.0 hard drive is really slick for a “rugged” drive. As a matter of fact, it looks good enough to compliment your aluminum Mac to a T. In particular the drive is covered in a crush-resistant Mac Mini’esque full metal jacket that can withstand up-to 5000 lbs (Ti) and 2500 lbs (Al), yet the drive itself weighs under a pound. The drive is also able to withstand floods, and full submersion in water up-to 10′ in depth and that includes up-to 72hours in fresh or salt water. On top of all of that, it’s also “theft resistant” courtesy of a built-in Kensington security slot or you can bolt it down with an anti-theft tab, and  it can also withstand continuous exposure to UV, blowing sand, blowing dust, rain, salt, fog, freezing rain, diesel fuel, oils, and more. Under the hood you get a drive that is Time Machine compatible. But despite its good looks, this drive comes with what you’d expect from an ioSafe drive – including a no-strings warranty and ioSafe’s Data Recovery Service. Data Recovery Services includes 1 year of one-time data recovery if needed for any reason and up to $5000 for third party forensic recovery if required.  Pricing for the ioSafe Rugged Portable USB 3.0 hard drive will retail from $149.99 for the 5400RPM 250GB version, to up-to $3,899.99 for the 512GB SSD version with 5 Year Data Recovery Service. And of-course there are many different configurations available in between.

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