Hands On with Sony’s New Dash Portable Internet Viewer

Sony has just announced their new Dash Portable, a wireless internet dashboard. The Sony Dash is a 7″ LCD that sits on a desktop, countertop, or nightstand and delivers real-time information at a glance. It wirelessly connects to the internet through a home network. The original Sony Dash is a stationary wired device, but Sony will be releasing a wireless version that uses a rechargeable lithium-ion battery for portability.

The dashboard on the Dash Portable is completely personalizable and there are thousands of free apps on Sony’s app store. The apps range from popular social networking to news, weather, sports, and so on. There’s a nice large speaker on the back of the device which is perfect for streaming music from your home network or from the internet radio app.

Here, at CES 2011, we have been seeing tablets right and left. Well, the Sony Dash Portable is not a tablet, though it can be easily confused because of its similar interface. Of course you can pick the Dash Portable up and control it in your hands like a tablet, but it’s really meant to live on a desktop. It’s specially designed to sit in a tilted upright fashion so it can be easily seen. If you flip the Dash upside down, the screen will be slightly tilted from the surface its sitting on, a perfect angle for reading.

The Sony Dash Portable is slated for an April 2011 release date. It will be available in three snazzy colors: brown, orange, and slate blue. We love the idea of these always-on internet dashboards/media players and are interested to see how they catch on. Sony will be offering the Dash Portable at an impressive price point of $199.99. The wired, non-portable version, is still available, in black, but for a reduced price of $149.99.

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