SOUL by Ludacris Headphones Scream of Beats Envy

What happens when you’re a hip hop artist who has grown jealous of Dr. Dre’s successful Beats by Dr. Dre headphones line? Ok, we jest, but Ludacris has taken matters into his own hands and has come out with SOUL by Ludacris. The brand line-up will initially include 5 models of “high definition” headphones. Yep, that certainly does sound familiar!


The SOUL by Ludacris line debuts with the High Definition Professional SL300. Powered Noise Cancelling headphone, High Definition On-Ear models SL150 and SL100, and the SE99 and SE49 High Definition In-Ear headphones. The entire line contains professionally voiced sound technology with advanced circuitry and drivers designed by a team of engineers who have developed some of the most notable acoustic breakthroughs in the audio industry. Elements such as world-class noise cancellation technology and ultra precise audio mix balancing deliver deep bass without sacrificing clarity of mids and highs to provide a listening experience fit for a wide audience that reaches the business traveler or casual music lover to the pro musician or audiophile.

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  1. Haha. Why are all these hip hop artists copying Dre? Ludacris, 50 Cent and Jay Z are all jealous because Dre beat them to a great business idea.

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