Adam Reeder Intros Bite-Size Greek God iPod Sculptures

San Francisco Bay area based sculptor Adam Reeder has come out with two 7 inch bronze statues that every iPod aficionado will appreciate. The two bronzes are actually variations on previously popular sculptures and include “Pan with his iPod” and “Atlas’ giant iPod”. The bronzes depict Pan dancing and singing to his iPad, and Atlas holding up a giant-sized iPod. This time around Adam has made his art more accessible to the average geek by opting to make 7″ sculptures instead of just massive expensive ones.

Adam said “The body of work is about the fact that iPods, iPhones and iPads, have changed the way we interact with our world. This technology is also ubiquitous. The iPod is a recognizable symbol which will resonate for a generation, like the Super Mario Bro music resonates with my generation. The 7 inch height makes them perfect for a desk or mantle. It is also priced to be more available to us average tech loving greater geeks.

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