Fijit Friends Makes Debut at Toy Fair 2011 and We Are In Love

I’m a huge fan of RADICA – Remember U.B. Funkeys??! Well Fijit has to be, hands down, one of our favorite toys that has debuted at Toy Fair 2011 so far. It will certainly appeal to adults as much as tween’s. Fijit Friends is an interactive robotic toy that will talk, dance, laugh and bring a whole new level of interactivity to life. Fijit is made of soft, tactile skin that enables lifelike movements, girls can poke and squeeze a Fijit Friend without harming themselves or Fijit.

Fijit Friends can understand and respond to more than 30 verbal commands from 150 built-in phrases and jokes. Fijit also loves to dance!  Girls only have to turn up the music dial to transform their Fijit into a dancing machine. Fijit contains Beat Detection functionality and can recognize different types of music and perform different dance moves for each beat.  Fijit Friends will be available in an assortment of four different characters that each feature different colors, voices, ears and personalities. Another special piece of gadgety goodness that Fijit contains is an integrated Sonic Chirp technology. Fijit will react to certain mobile applications, webisodes, and even television commercials because of a special audio coding embedded into an external device or media platform. When detected by Fijit,it will trigger various programmed reactions and unleash fun and adorableness. Expect Fijit Friends to debut in the Fall and retail for $49.99 each and yes there will be an iPad app that will complement Fijit and take it to a whole new level…stay tuned!

For our in-depth review of Fijit head on over here.



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  1. these things look awesome, the ipad app thing has swayed me my daughter will definately be getting one for xmas! and then when she’s asleep i can hack around with it too lol


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