iPad App of the Week: Extra! Extra! Read All About It in The Daily

The future of news is here, and it’s called The Daily, a new app for the iPad that launched this week. The Daily isn’t your standard news app, though; this is actually its own publication, with its own staff writers and editors, and it’s made specifically with tablets, particularly the iPad, in mind. The Daily will be updated daily (shocking, I know) with the top news stories in the fields of news, sports, gossip and celebrity, opinion, arts and life, and apps and games. Of course, being a newspaper made for tablets, there’s more to the Daily than just news articles. A whole host of video and audio content will be available routinely, for your viewing pleasure. If you’re like me, and your favorite part of the daily newspaper is the crossword puzzle, you won’t feel left out, either. The Daily serves up new crossword puzzles and Sudoku every day.

Of course, news isn’t as unidirectional as it used to be. The Daily recognizes this, so you can have the freedom to comment on any story yourself. You can even leave audio comments, if something gets you really fired up. The Daily’s articles, for the most part, will also be accessible online, which allows you to share articles via Facebook and Twitter to Daily readers and non-readers alike. The Daily is free for the first two weeks, then the subscription kicks in. All the news that’s fit to upload will be available for $.0.99 per week or $39.99 per year. From what we have seen so far, its an easy read and is certainly digestible for the masses. However, being that the Daily is brought to us from the people behind Fox News, I just hope it stays neutral and doesn’t become another vehicle for Bill O’Reilly to yell at us.

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