Power Support Hello Kitty Air Jacket iPhone 4 Cases Review

There is no denying it, many of us girls do love Hello Kitty. And for Hello Kitty fans, there could be no better way to decorate your iPhone 4 than to dress it up in a Hello Kitty case. Unfortunately if you look around online for one, you’ll discover that most of the Hello Kitty iPhone cases out there are unofficial, non-licensed cases, that almost always tend to be of low quality. So where do you get the good stuff? You know, where do you get the real Louis Vuittons vs the curbside knockoffs? Power Support is selling a series of Hello Kitty iPhone 4 Cases that are officially licensed from Sanrio. And not only are these cases cute, they’re also high quality cases.Power Support is actually a company that was started by a mom and her son back in 2004. This family owned company is dedicated to producing only the highest quality of products. For that reason, their Anti-Glare Films for iPhone, iPad, etc, are the only ones that the Apple Store currently carries.
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But lets go back to talking about the Hello Kitty Air Jacket cases. These cases, or “Air jackets” are just 1mm thick so that they add almost no bulk to your iPhone. As a matter of fact, they are such a slim fit that they can almost appear to be a skin. Yet despite them being so thin, these cases are well made and look and feel like they will last. The cases snap on to your phone and sport a Hello Kitty print on their back that looks like it will wear well. There are 4 hello Kitty designs available to choose from including Heartful, Heart, Love,  and Hearts and Bows. Each case is designed for the AT&T iPhone 4, comes packages with 1 Anti-Glare film and 1 crystal back screen film, and retails for $39.94. Our only gripe with these cases is that once the case is on, because the case’s plastic fits so snugly around the iPhone’s volume buttons,  it becomes difficult to press in the volume controls.

But if Hello Kitty isn’t for you, don’t fret! Power Support also has a Designer Collection available that features beautiful and classy designs from designers Tibi, Rachel Pally for both the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 for AT&T. These cases are made of the same high quality case as their Sanrio collection, but have more of a mature fashionista appeal going for them. These cases retail for $54.95.

Overall, we’re crazy about Power Support USA’s iPhone 4 cases – and that includes their Hello Kitty cases as well as their designer collection. These cases feature pretty much everything we want in an iPhone case – a fun design, thin profile, all combined with high quality materials. Our only gripe with the design of these cases is that the case is too flush with the volume keys, making them difficult to use, but this is hardly a deal breaker. Overall, our recommendation is that before you pick up a non-official Hello Kitty iPhone case somewhere that will probably only last a few weeks before it rubs off or cracks, check out Power Support USA.

The Good: Great quality, fun designs, very thin profile, comes with Anti-Glare and crystal back screen, official Sanrio products!

The Bad: Volume keys are difficult to operate with the case on, designer cases are a bit pricey

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