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SCOTTEVEST Women’s Trench Coat Review

We women love compartments. We like them in our purses, makeup bags, luggage, and just about anywhere we can manage them. We compartmentalize the items we use on a daily basis the way some men do their relationships. If there ever was a jacket for compartment loving, fashionable ladies, this is it. The SCOTTEVEST Women’s Double Breasted Trench is thoughtfully engineered so that it can also serve as a wearable purse, without sacrificing beauty or hindering the lady curves. We can all be a bag lady without anyone noticing!  SCOTTEVEST seems to be taking the lead in T.E.C.- Technology Enhanced Clothing. I’m sure they have a prototype Mr. Go Go Gadget jacket in their warehouses that they based this on.

So how many pockets does this piece of hi-tech fashion have? 18 pockets! Yes, 18 is what I said. You have never seen a jacket like this, I can guarantee you. Let’s start from the top down. Attached to the collar are several plastic holders that will hold in place ear phones. This area is called the CollarConnect. They are a tad bulky, and I could have done without them since they lay on skin when closed.

The interior of the left side of the trench consists of a pocket that opens via velcro and a half zipper. This makes for easy access to your cell phone. To the side of that is a pen pocket. Working my way downwards there is  a zipper iPad pocket. On top of that is another zippered pocket known as the Travel Documents Pocket. It is big enough to hold airplane papers o a passport. Just below is a Clear Touch ID Pocket, ideal for a drivers license or identification card.

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On the outside of the exterior of the same left flap, starting from the top down, is a rather large pocket with zipper access and closed with a gentle magnet as well. I would use this for something you don’t get to much, or don’t want other people to get to, because it does lie right on top of the breast and may draw a few weird glances if you try to access it. I would put valuables here. I’m guessing that most pick pockets wouldn’t be able to pull this off too easily.

Finally, there is a hand warmer pocket that is very large and has a little velcro pocket perfect for keeping a bluetooth headset. It also gently snaps shut via a magnet.

Let’s move on to the right side of the jacket. This part of the trench lies across the chest covering the above mentioned flap. The interior side of it has an identical cell phone spot as the other side. This is great for the lefties out there. However, this one is more geared towards your listening device because it is aligned with the CollarConnect feature. Adjoining this towards the end, is a pocket for your sunglasses with an attached cleaning micro fiber cloth. Yes they thought of everything!

Working down from there is an envelope sized pocket called the Digital Camera Pocket which does fit a camera perfectly and even has a velcro pocket in it for a memory card.

Back to the right exterior of this trench, on top, a matching zippered and magnet pocket just like you will find on the left side. Lastly, is the large pocket at the bottom. It actually has a stretchy band meant for holding a water bottle. Awesome! To add to it, is an extendable key holder with a clip, and a pocket for tiny things like change, or lipstick.

Now that you are thoroughly impressed with all the features, you are probably wondering what it looks like with all that stuff packed in. Let me tell you, personally, it looks great. Hardly noticeable with a few exceptions. The iPad is visibly noticeable. Its pretty hard to hide such a large heavy item at the bottom of the jacket, and it pulls a bit. It is noticeable, that it is there, especially as you walk, the swinging on the legs is not very comfortable. Also, if you choose to put something large on the breast pocket, it does show slight buldge, but not much. So that is a few things to keep in mind, but it is by no means a deterrent to how awesome this jacket is. All of the contents of my purse fit in here without a hitch. It looked smooth, soft, and feminine.

Comfort wise, this is phenomenal. There is no pulling, bulging, or major discomforts. You can wear it the traditional trench coat style, or with the collar popped and the two flaps buttoned up for full rain protection. The waterproof  and stain proof material worked wonders in the rain storm, leaving all of my belongings dry, but what I really appreciated is that it was still a very breathable material. It felt great and did not feel like it was suffocating my skin.

There are plenty of ways to customize your look. The belt allows you to use the loopholes and belt in the traditional way, or forget the loopholes, and just tie it the European way. I favored that one as it allowed me a higher waistline. The medium fit my frame quite well. Remember, when selecting a size to allot room for all the things you will be carrying. If you go a size too small to get a tight fit, it may affect how the items you carry lay on you. The sleeves also adjust with a fashionable matching buckle as the belt does. It is also machine washable.


The versatile SCOTTEVEST Women’s Trench jacket goes for $150 and offers the quality you would expect and then some. Because it is so versatile, it would be great for so many things, among which are wearing it through airport security instead of bringing a carry on, backpacking or other touristy things where carrying a purse is tiresome (Hello amusement parks), and concerts where it is difficult to keep an eye on a purse. The list can go on, but I just love wearing it everywhere. The sexy bright red goes with every outfit, and makes it own statement. It also comes in blue, mud, and black. I felt like a spy, or Mrs. Go Go Gadget in this techie jacket with vintage roots. It is definitely a winner in my book.

The Good: Just about everything, streamlined design, massive utility possibilities, great style. Looks even better after a couple of wearings.

The Bad: The iPad does as not look inconspicuous as hoped, although it does fit.


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  1. I’m trying to get an idea how it would look on me, and I’m a shortie. How tall are you?

    I got the Women’s Essential Jacket and it is a tad long, and the sleeves are definitely too long, so I wonder if the trench coat would be the same.

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