Kate and William Tea Bags Are Not an April Fools’ Joke

It looks like someone else is trying to out do ThinkGeek with their innovative April Fools’ day gear. Firebox has taken a shot at coming up with some creative concepts and we have to give them props for doing so. The Re-Cycle Cardboard Bike, Bacon Inhaler, and Wind Up Olympic Countdown Clock are so cool that I wish they did really exist. I mean who doesn’t want a Bacon inhaler! But what actually isn’t fake, are these adorable Kate and William Card Tea Bags (AKA KaTEA) and Royal Tea bags. These tea bags are unlike anything I have ever seen and feature the royal family as caricatures ready to be dipped into a piping hot cup of water to steep. Just grab Wills by his head or Harry, and get ready for a proper British tea time experience. The Kate and William Card and Tea Bags retail for £5.99 ($10 USD) while the Royal Tea set retails for £7.99 ($13 USD).


Update: These are also available in the US at Pylones stores and online at Pylones-USA.com. For $8.00 (KaTEA) and $12.50 (Royal Tea) respectively.

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