NetshelterHaus Throws International Bloggers Together Under the Same Roof

This past week, Berlin hosted Re:publica 11, which is the premiere social media event for German bloggers. For those of you not familiar with the conference, you can think of Re:publica as a sort of cross between SXSW and Adtech. It’s the one time of the year that German bloggers, whether they’re tech bloggers who write about gadgets, or bloggers who focus on advertising and design, get to together and connect.

This year Netshelter invited us out to their NetShelterHaus project in Berlin to get to know some of Germany’s premiere bloggers who were attending the conference. The drive behind NetshelterHaus was to bring together both German and the international bloggers under one roof for a week, in order to offer each of us the unique opportunity to socialize and learn about each others sites and methods. In a way, you could consider this as a social experiment, or more specifically, a social media experiment. Could a group of international strangers all live together under the same roof and get along? In the end, the answer was a big resounding YES.

We’ll be the first to admit that we didn’t know much about the German blogosphere until we arrived in Berlin. We soon discovered that the German blogging community is not only vast, but also supported by a group of passionate and extremely intelligent writers. To that effect, we were quite won over by the general charm and enthusiasm coming out of the members of the German blogging community that participated in NetshelterHaus.

We were also happy to discover that 60% to 70% of the German blogging community is made up of females. Yet at the same time, of the top 100 bloggers in Germany, only five of them are women, and that is quite a shame.

The week was topped off by an event on Thursday night which invited members of the Web 2.0 and technology industry in Berlin to come and get to know all of the participating bloggers. The event was streamed live on JustinTV, where it managed to rack up nearly 69,000 views.

Some of the participating bloggers in NetshelterHaus included:

Sascha Pallenberg and Carsten Drees of Netbook News
Nicole Simon
Andre Paetzel of LogoLook
Alex Kahl
Zara Rabinowicz of Chip Chick & AlmostZara
Oliver Gassner

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