iPhone App of the Week: The Royal Wedding Essential Guide

The time and dedication put into this app is…well, either impressive or disconcerting. I’ll let you decide. The Royal Wedding Essential Guide contains standard royal wedding app fare – biographies of both Prince William and Kate Middleton, their personal love story, and a schedule of events for the wedding day, including a mapped path of the procession. The app really kicks it into royal overdrive with the map feature, though. Every (and I mean every) place that is relevant to the couple is pointed out on a map, functioning as an interactive history of the lives of both people. It even points out the grocery store they frequent. There are droves of other little features and fun facts about the couple to explore, too. If you’ve got a royal obsession, grab this app for $0.99 off the iTunes App Store – better hurry, you’ve only got a couple more weeks before the big day!

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