BlackBerry PlayBook Facebook App – Mini Review

The official Facebook app for the BlackBerry PlayBook has just landed in App World. The app is very similar in layout and function to the official Facebook app for the iPhone, except that this version of the app is obviously optimized for a 7″ display. That said, the app only works in landscape views and isn’t designed for portrait views. The app allows Facebook users to chat with each other, update their statuses, and browse their news feed, profiles and photos. You can also use the PlayBook’s built-in camera and directly upload shots to Facebook via the app.
The Facebook app also lets you playback Facebook photos in full-screen, kind of like a connected photo frame would. We especially like how when you tap on a photo in fullscreen view, a menu overlay pops up with the image caption, along with the Like and comment count for the image. This is a function that is currently not available in the iPhone’s official Facebook app.

Overall, Facebook for the BlackBerry Playbook is pretty sweet, and even feels speedier than using Facebook.com in some ways. But we have to ask, why is there still no official Facebook app for the iPad? Anyway, apps like this are sure to help make the PlayBook more enticing, but we’re still impatiently waiting on a dedicated email and calendar client to show up for the PlayBook.

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