Case-Mate Barely There iPad 2 Case Review

Case-Mate describes their new Barely There Case for iPad 2 as a “thong for your iPad.” This lightweight shell snaps on to the back of iPad, shielding it from scratches and scuffs, and providing a nice grip and a cool appearance.

The Barely There Case is quite simple, it’s a thin, yet strong, plastic shell that pops on to the back of your iPad. The case clips itself to the sides of iPad leaving the top and bottom of iPad exposed, making the ports and buttons easily accessible. There os a cutout in the shell for iPad’s speaker, camera, and volume buttons. The Barely There Case offers the back of iPad nice protection, but with no protection for the front. It doesn’t protrude past the front of iPad’s face, it sits flush with it. The back corners are covered, but not the front; it’s a gamble on whether or not iPad will be protected if you drop it.

The Barely There Case is good for protecting iPad’s back from bumps, scratches and scuffs. Apple’s Smart Cover works with the Barely There case except the magnetic hinge sits on top of the plastic, making for a weak bond. While the Smart Cover is still usable with the Barely There case, it doesn’t work perfectly. Ideally, you will want a nice iPad sleeve, and maybe a screen-protector, to complement the case

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Case-Mate’s Barely There case for iPad 2 is available in a matte black or pink finish. It’s stylish, thin, and almost weightless. It also has a nice grip to it. It costs $34.99, which is most certainly on the pricey side of iPad cases.

The Good:
Light, Sleek, Easy to Snap On, Protects iPad Back, Good Access to Ports and Buttons
The Bad: Expensive, No Front Protection, Easily Shows Grease and Finger Prints, Only Black or Pink Available

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