Just Another Nail in the Coffin as Flip Video Drops to $79

Cisco’s announcement back last month that they would be discontinuing the popular Flip Video line, came quite as the shocker. After all, the company started the whole pocket camcorder craze. That said, it will come as no surprise to hear that prices on their camcorders have dropped yet again. The Flip UltraHD with a 4GB capacity has now dropped to $79.99 (was $129.99), while the Flip MinoHD with a 4GB capacity as well, has now dropped to $99.99 (was $159.99). At this rate, soon you wont be able to give them away.

Knowing that a brand is about to die, would you still buy their product? Even if it is a pretty great deal? At $79.99, we’re sure some people will. However, we recommend checking out the Bloggie Touch for as low as $129.99. It costs more, but offers great video quality – and you wont have to worry about the support line going dead one day.

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