New York Public Library Celebrates 100 Yrs with LEGO Patience and Fortitude

For those that don’t know. The New York Public Library is celebrating their 100th anniversary. So what better way to celebrate than with  LEGO versions of Patience and Fortitude, the iconic  lions that grace the front of the library. Nathan Sawaya aka the Brick Artist may have just out done himself again!

LEGO Patience and Fortitude each consist of 30,000 LEGO blocks – 60,000 in total. However, these incredible sculptures certainly don’t outshine the original lion kings that stand in front of the library, and they are set further back near the entrance as to not overshadow the originals.

LEGO Patience and Fortitude will sit proudly flanking the library entrance for this entire weekend before moving inside. When speaking to Sawaya he stated that he was “honored” to be able to create these sculptures for the library and if they end up in the children’s area of the library or wherever… he was just thrilled to be asked.

So if you happen to be in the NYC area – I highly suggest stopping by and taking a look at this impressive feat and who knows – you may actually read a book while you are there! Now the New York Public Library will be famous for at-least two things… Carrie’s failed first attempt of a wedding, and LEGO.

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