RageGage Takes Your Anger Out on Co-Workers, Without Getting Arrested

Some days you just want to strangle your co-workers – but you wont. Or maybe it’s that you want to bash the computer in for losing the report you just worked on for 8 hours. Well, instead of taking your anger out on unsuspecting cubicle dwellers or desktop monitors and keyboards, unleash your rage on RageCage. RageCage is a gadget especially designed for you to punch and scream at. RageGage was created for users to blow off steam on by playing online games and virtually smacking Facebook friends.

All you need to do is turn on the device, crank the volume and bang it out on its soft gel pad. Once RageGage detects your rage, the device itself will respond to bottling rage by hurling insults like “you wuss” or “who are you kid?”. The gadget comes also preloaded with an assortment of funny voices and phrases, from the likes of Obama, Lush Rimbaugh and a Valley Girl. RageGage retails for $19.99 and comes in nine different colors and designs.

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