8 Apps That Transform a Smart TV into a Super TV

Now that smart TVs are bringing the Internet to the living room, it’s time to take a look at the backbone of the smart TV’s Internet offerings–the apps. Much like smartphone apps, smart TV apps in many ways define the user experience, constituting half of what the TV will be used for (the other half, of course, being used as a traditional television set). One purpose of the Samsung Smart TV, for example, is to take all of the additional machines that are usually hooked up to a television and cram all of their functionality directly into the television. Like video games? There are gaming apps you can access directly from your television, without needing a console (it’s doubtful this will ever sate the ‘hardcore gaming’ crowd, but it’s worth a mention for the ‘casual gamer’). DVD players? Perhaps to be a relic of the past, with apps dedicated to streaming movie purchases and rentals. All the clutter, ideally, goes by the wayside, as everything is accessed through the television directly.

Of course, whenever we talk about apps for anything, you know the usual suspects are going to come up. There are Facebook, Twitter, Pandora and YouTube apps available for most smart TVs. YouTube and Pandora work on a television much like you’d think they would–you can search or browse, access your accounts, etc. Facebook and Twitter are much the same as anywhere else, but one upshot of the two on a smart TV is that now you can access both on a sidebar while you are watching something on your television, so you can actively discuss shows or movies as you are watching them with friends or family.

Here’s a closer look at some of the best Samsung Smart TV apps that are really going to make smart TVs a unique and potentially must-have product.

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  1. Facebook, Twitter, Pandora and YouTube apps are available for most smart TVs. So I don’t see why Samsung Electronics should be talking about the 8 apps that can transform a Smart TV into a Super TV. I’m very much concerned about the simplicity and comfort that I can get from my Smart TV and judging from the remote control, I think LG Smart TV is the best.

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