Windows Phone 7 App of the Week: Evernote Finally Comes to Windows Phones

The ultimate note taking app is finally available for Windows 7 Phones – Evernote is out for free now. Evernote works much like it does for other platforms, but takes full advantage of the Window 7 Mobile platform to create a sleek, useful app. You can attach photos or voice recordings to any note you take, or you can enter a photo as a note, and leave a caption along with it. The search function is incredibly robust – in addition to searching typed text, it looks through handwritten material and other words found in images or pictures. Your location when a note was made is also recorded and attached to your notes using Bing Maps – a pretty cool feature if you’re trying to remember a specific detail about a certain place. At least you won’t need to make a separate note reminding yourself of where that one awesome restaurant was. Premium Evernote users can also use the app to access their perks, including offline access to all of their notebooks. You can download it now from AppsFuze.

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