iPad App of the Week: Rip Off – it’s Angry Fruit Ninja Birds!

At least developers Colorbox are playing it straight. Rip Off is exactly that – a marriage of Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja. After all, if you take two of the most popular gaming apps ever and mash them together, you can’t fail, right? Well, it’s not as fun or addicting as either of the two games it plays off of, but if you want a free way to pass some time, you could do a lot worse. The premise: invading aliens are after a young bird’s siblings – still just eggs. Fortunately, this young bird has incredible ninja powers that can slice through the invaders with ease! You get the idea – tap where you want the bird to go wreak havoc. And hey, it’s free for now – at least it won’t be a rip off for you. It’s available now from the iTunes App Store.

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