Ion’s Piano Apprentice Transforms the iPad into a Music Teacher

Back at CES 2011 we spied the Piano Master for iPad, a full sized music keyboard with a dock for the iPad. But alas, the Piano Master never came to be. Fortunately, a similarly product from Ion Audio looks to be making its way on to store shelves soon. The product is the Piano Apprentice and it is a Piano learning system designed to work with the iPad, iPod and iPhone.

The device itself is a 25-note keyboard that comes with built-in stereo speakers. The Piano Apprentice works in conjunction with a free iOS app to help teach newbies how to play the piano. It also can dock the iPad into it. But we’re especially intrigued by the fact that this time around, the piano’s design features touch-sensitive keys.

Overall, the Piano Apprentice looks like a fun and easy way to learn how to play the piano, or at-least a way to get your feet wet earning music, sans a real breathing teacher.  Ion Audio’s Piano Apprentice should go on sale in September for $99. Meanwhile, we’re also waiting for Ion’s Concert Piano to show up in stores. It too was announced at CES last January, but that iPad / Piano combination was aimed at more serious players.   Concert Piano features 88 keys,  a built-in amplified speaker and a lovely wood-grain exterior that should look good in just about any living room, so we hope that it shows up eventually.

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