Israel Uses Facebook to Ban Activists from Entering the Country


This past week Israeli authorities have banned over 130 pro-Palestinian activists from entering the country. But perhaps the most interesting part of this story is that Israeli authorities actually took to Facebook and Twitter to help determine who these activists were. A black list of 340 protesters were compiled based on public data that can be found on Facebook and Twitter. Facebook has confirmed this by saying that they did not assist the Israeli authorities in any way, and that the Israelis had the same access to Facebook as any user would.

It’s no wonder, that after last years Turkish flotilla fiasco turned violent, Israel is working around the clock to make sure that there is no opportunity for a similar fiasco to take place. This time it is the “Welcome Palestine” organization who planned to stage protests in Israel. The organization originally had over 1,000 international activists who planned to land in Israel to participate and protest at events in the West Bank and Jerusalem. However, in the end, most foreign carriers stopped the activists from boarding flights to Israel.

In addition to the 130 activists that have already landed in Israel and are being detained, Israel expects another 81 pro-Palestinian activists to arrive at Ben Gurion airport.