Case-Mate Rolls Out Trendy BlackBerry Bold 9900 Cases

The BlackBerry Bold 9900 series with the new BlackBerry 7 OS might not have rolled out onto store shelves yet, but that hasn’t stopped Case-Mate from prepping cases for the new devices. Case-Mate has come out with a slew of new cases, a few of which are quite trendy – and feminine. The cases range in price from $14.99 through $40.00.

Tough Enough:
· Tough ($34.99): The new Tough case for BlackBerry 9900 provides dual layers of protection.  A form fitting case offers shock resistance, while the hard shell protects against impact.  You’ll be amazed at how such a lightweight and slim case will support and shield your phone. Available in black/black and black/pink.
· Pop! ($29.99): The new Pop! case for the Blackberry 9900 offers strong support without added bulk. Co-molded materials unite to create a hard case with a soft touch. Contemporary color pairings create a modern look and the rubber sides make for an easy grip. Available in white/gray, pink/gray, black/gray.

The Minimalist:
· Barely There ($24.99):  Show off your BlackBerry with its slim and minimal design.  One of the most popular cases, the Barely There combines style with function for the ultimate slim case. Available in black, pink and glossy white.
· Gelli ($14.99):  Stand out from the crowd with the Gelli BlackBerry 9900 case.  Flashes of translucent colors blend together for an eye-catching case that offers protection and individual style. Available in a unique architectural pattern in clear, pink, gray.
· Emerge (19.99): A flexible, smooth case featuring a glossy, finished pattern running along the face of the case. The case fits snugly around the phone for complete protection against drops and falls. Available in black and pink.

Luxury Living:
· Brushed Aluminum ($40.00):  The meticulously designed Brushed Aluminum BlackBerry 9900 case sets a new standard with its aircraft grade aluminum and a brushed finish, the sleek case redefines the concept of sophisticated minimalism.  Together the materials create an unmatched level of design and are sure to make a solid statement. Available in black and silver.

From left to right in photo above: Tough, Pop!, Barely There, Brushed Aluminum, Gelli, Emerge