O CAR is the Ultimate Car Stereo for the iPhone

There are many in-car systems that are designed to integrate with your iPhone, but Oxygen Audio O CAR takes iPhone integration to the next level. The Oxygen Audio O CAR is the first car radio that has been specifically built for the iPhone, from the ground up. Say goodbye to Aux cables, FM transmitters and Bluetooth adapters, this system lets you click your device into the O Car dock and then you can adjust the cradle for landscape or portrait use.  From there on you can use your iPhone and all its apps. The O Car is ideal for using with GPS navigation apps as well as apps like Pandora.

In addition, the O CAR features a built-in RDS-enabled AM/FM tuner, Bluetooth connectivity, and a 4-channel, 55-watt amp that is able to connect to a car’s speaker system. Originally announced last January at CES 2011, the O Car is finally available for sale in the U.S. for $299.95.

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