LivingSocial and GoldRun Want you to Get Adventurous


Do you like scavenger hunts? Well have we got a good one for you. LivingSocial will present a series of scavenger hunts in three West Coast cities throughout August. Folks in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Seattle will use iPhones or  iPads to explore their city’s hidden treasures and famous landmarks while collecting virtual objects and completing photo challenges along the way.


So what do you win if you are successful on your hunt? You’ll be able to laugh in the face of your competitors at an after-party, where there will be prizes  awarded to those who solved the hunt the fastest and correctly. To participate, head on over to  LivingSocial Adventures and download the free GoldRun application from the Apple iTunes Store, then select your city’s LivingSocial “Run.” GoldRun is an augmented reality platform that places GPS-linked virtual objects in real locations, such as shopping areas, parks, and events.

LivingSocial Adventure launch dates:

Los Angeles, CA: August 14, 21, and 28
San Francisco, CA: August 20, 21, and 27
Seattle, WA: August 13, 20, and 27

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