Paul Frank Gets His Own Julius Air Purifier

We have written about Rabbit Air’s super stylish A2 series of air purifiers before. We are talking about a super pricey series of humidifiers than don’t just act fresh, they look fresh too. Well now the company has teamed up with Paul Frank for a special MinusA2 Paul Frank Edition Ultra Quiet HEPA Air Purifier. There are two Paul Frank designs that are available to choose from –  Julius Sky design or the Scoot! Julius design.

The A2 series promises to be ultra quiet and it can cover an area of up-to 815 square feet.  Of-course, pricing is totally insane, and starts at $589.95, but that is what you get for picking out a luxury air purifier that is super slim, and can be wall mounted like a picture frame.  And if Paul Frank isn’t your thing, it’s worth checking out their artist series – if you have the cash.

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